Let Us Give You Free Stuff ~OR~ why not to wait until march 1st to buy tickets at the door

12 Feb

1) Starting Now:

For every 10th ticket buyer, we will give you a FREE WCDB 35th Anniversary T-Shirt.

Now that ticket sales are starting to move, the 50th, 60th, 70th etc etc ticket buyer gets a free 35th shirt. We’ll notify you by email to let you know if that person is you and your name will be on a will call list by the merch table. Buy tickets HERE.

ticket at the door $23 + t-shirt $10 = $33.00. This ticket = $19.62 w/service fee You Save $13.38 


2) This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (February 14-16th):

Buy any 12″ record at Fuzz Record Shop – get your ticket for $15 flat. Cash only. No service fees.

ticket at the door = $23.  This ticket = $15.00 You Save $8.00


3) Every day that is not February 14th, 15th, 16th:

Tickets are $18  at Fuzz Record Shop. No Service Fee

tickets at the door =$23. This ticket = $18. You Save $5.00


4) Don’t live near Fuzz Records?

Tickets are $18 (or rather, $19.62 w/service fee) on the internet via Brown Paper Tickets.

tickets at the door = $23. This ticket = $19.62. You Save $3.38 


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